nthitz 6 months ago

Well timed by FB PR to release on the eve of one of the biggest news days of the past 2 years.

> In response to a question about the timing of the release of the report, Facebook said it had previously committed to publishing the report at this time.

What a great excuse!

InclinedPlane 6 months ago

Facebook's response here is pretty galling. They are admitting (barely) they were complicit in crimes against humanity and yet the wording they use and their commitment to action is at about the same level as if they experienced an hour of unintended downtime or used the wrong font for a couple days or something equally trivial.

This right here is a perfect example of the banality of evil. Facebook bears a huge responsibility in helping to facility a horrific crime, and yet they are treating it as some sort of boring bureaucratic snafu. They aren't even accepting responsibility, they are just brushing it off in a typical "mistakes were made" fashion. This is appalling. Facebook should be ashamed. Everybody who works at Facebook or holds Facebook stock should be ashamed.

alopecoid 6 months ago

If violence is organized through a phone call, is that the fault of the phone manufacturer or the phone service provider? If violence is organized through the use of protest signs, is that the fault of cardboard and marker manufacturers? Heck, why not just go a step further and say that it's the fault of "language" and ban all forms of that.

Ironically, when someone goes and shoots up a school... we defend the gun manufacturers as simply producers of a tool. I see, but Facebook, which is clearly just a tool for communication, is surely at fault here. I don't get people.

  • JoeAltmaier 6 months ago

    Perhaps they were different people, saying each thing. There are a lot of people

    • alopecoid 6 months ago

      You and your theories... :)

theoh 6 months ago

Facebook (organization) admits Facebook (service) was used, etc. Conflating those things doesn't help.

porphyrogene 6 months ago

I hope this is a step in the right direction but the comments from the executive that are quoted in the article suggest that it is not.

He is very stoic about Facebook's role in all of this and describes the platform as "just a product". His claim that, in the absence of Facebook, some other platform would have been used to do the same thing is indefensible. Facebook makes sure that every Android phone in the world comes with Facebook pre-installed and ideally in such a way that it cannot be uninstalled. That is why this happened on Facebook instead of Reddit or any other social platform. Facebook moved fast and helped commit genocide. "Whoops, I guess we'll try to fix it." Is how the company responds to every lapse of judgement and good sense. In the company's view every daily active user is a win for Facebook and the users are not owed anything whatsoever.

  • umeshunni 6 months ago

    > Facebook makes sure that every Android phone in the world comes with Facebook pre-installed

    I've never seen a phone with Facebook pre-installed. Are you just making this up?

    • porphyrogene 6 months ago

      My Samsung Galaxy S7 came with Facebook pre-installed. There was a huge story in March about Facebook's Android app collecting call and text information from users and a quick Google search seems to indicate that every Android phone except Pixel and Nexus models come with Facebook installed but I can't find a good source for quick reference.

      I am also reminded of the Hacker News guideline against posting "shallow dismissals" in comments. A quick Google search would have told you that Facebook come pre-installed on many Android phones.

    • raihansaputra 6 months ago

      Some Indonesian phones are pre-installed with a bunch of third-party apps. I've observed this on Samsung, Oppo, and several other brands. LINE, Instagram, Facebook is the standard trio. Won't be surprised if this is standard procedure in Asia.

    • ravenstine 6 months ago

      My Galaxy S5 came with it and I was only able to remove it by rooting the phone. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a Samsung phone, as that's not the only piece of bloatware that comes with their crappy modded Android.

    • Delfino 6 months ago

      I have a Samsung J7+ purchased in Thailand and it has facebook pre-installed. There's not an option to uninstall, only disable (and when I did so it informs me how to re-enable it at any time in settings).

    • tareqak 6 months ago

      I've seen a cheaper (not-flagship) Samsung phone with Facebook pre-installed a few years ago. The specific model number escapes me though.