endofcapital 12 days ago

So access to (large amounts of) capital becomes a highly politicized, US-centric proposition. Imagine if you could control the backbone of a global information network and access to capital in the 21st century.

Better than aircraft carriers.

dade_ 12 days ago

The article jumps into Venezuela, but that is after the fact. Maduro invited Russia and China into the Americas and has received a prompt and harsh lesson on the Monroe Doctrine.

appleflaxen 12 days ago

Out. Leaks like this certainly hurt the perception of the IMF and World Bank around the world.

  • NeedMoreTea 12 days ago

    More than their neutering during formation or the end of Bretton Woods?

yosito 11 days ago

WikiLeaks sure does seem like they've got an agenda.

zozbot123 12 days ago

> Leaks Reveal Random Musings From Some Guy In Army-SOF Who Doesn't Even Know What The IMF And World Bank Are About, But Somehow Thinks They Might Be Used As "Unconventional Weapons".


vectorEQ 12 days ago

throwing money at a problem :'D

hopler 12 days ago

"Economics is war by other means."