wawhal 11 days ago

Hi HN!

We built this tool so that we could build charts using GraphQL as a data-source. This is a super neat fit especially with creating tables and views in Postgres and getting charts easily.

Hope you find it useful.

  • iSnow 11 days ago

    That seems interesting, if I get it right it needs Hasura and by extension Postgres, right?

    • wawhal 11 days ago

      Not really. You can use it with any GraphQL server that returns a list of records :)

      The Hasura and Postgres combo is ideal because you can have complicated aggregations over the Postgres data in the form of views and Hasura can help you query them realtime over GraphQL. Also Postgres has nice community tools around it like PostGIS and Timescale which help you handle geolocation and timeseries type of data that is often used for visualisations.

      PS: Co-author here. And I am an engineer at Hasura.

    • tmountain 11 days ago

      I'm not the author, but GraphQL is storage agnostic, so I'd assume no.

sansnomme 10 days ago

How does it deal with streaming? Can you use a sliding window? For large enough datasets e.g. having datapoints continuously ran is a memory leak.

  • wawhal 10 days ago

    It doesn't have to deal with streaming. You stream your data, use whatever algorithm and pass the final output to this. It is just going to transform it into the API that ChartJS expects.