Ask HN: Offer Myself as a Person or as a Company ( Digital Nomad)

17 points by fullstackjob 10 days ago

I am working on Full-Stack Developer Job Board as a side project ( ). Until this brings some significant income, after 5 years as employee I want to go back to be my own boss, as I was for over 15y before. Now I have a question to you guys... Do you think it's better to offer my self as a person or as a company. I have a company page ( ) which is "impersonal". I will offer myself mainly as Full-Stack Dev/Software Engineer. How you guys do ? "As a Person" or "As a Company" way ?

BjoernKW 10 days ago

It depends on your marketing and branding.

A personal brand can be highly effective and successful in this market (“The go-to expert for X.”).

Marketing yourself as a company when you’re really just one person can come across as dishonest.

That of course doesn’t mean that you can’t still use a company for accounting purposes but in terms of marketing I’d say that the personal approach is better.

However, you might want to think a bit more about what to market yourself as. As a “full-stack dev” chances are that you’ll be seen as a pair of hands, a fungible commodity.

Finding a niche or a particular problem you’re an expert at solving in the long run probably is a more profitable and sustainable as well as more rewarding approach.

samfisher83 10 days ago

Read about Chris Sacca. He was trying to get jobs and he was failing. Then he made a corporate sounding name and people started hiring him which got him into google.