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kevinsecretan ~at~ gmail ~dat~ com

PGP key (for email alias): https://www.thejach.com/about#pgp

Available for IM on Matrix (Jach#thejach.com, Jach#matrix.org for mobile), skype as kevin_mccloud. Steam as Jach. (With the nerd avatar.) Now on Keybase too, Discord as Jach#9107. One day Matrix will integrate all this nonsense... Hit me up if you want. I'm bad at reaching out myself.

I'm just some unimportant programmer, dabbler by nature, you probably shouldn't listen to me but that doesn't stop me from giving advice. Lead Software Engineer at Salesforce (BigCo), opinions blah blah required disclaimer blah, no I have no more clue why SFDC execs do things than you.

Yearning for Common Lisp experience beyond side projects so I can evolve out of the poser stage... Willing to do Clojure again, and I think Nim would be fun. BS Degree in Computer Engineering from a school more renowned for degrees in video game [engine] programming whose alumni occasionally get hired by Valve.

Located in Bellevue, WA, feel free to get in touch for coffee/dinner/whatever if you're in the Seattle area. Or even if you're not, maybe we can play some online games.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/jach; my proof: https://keybase.io/jach/sigs/dOHxE-TtrnwZqXSB_tPxNEn35mK7VZfJQ6Mi3pV8HR8 ]